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Dawei Xiao is an editor from Sichuan, China, who specializes in suspenseful, human stories that travel.


While completing his BA in Comparative Literature and Philosophy at the University of Hong Kong, Dawei participated in an exchange at UC Irvine in film production and screenwriting, which began to root his attraction to narrative and ideas in craft. 


After graduating in 2018, Dawei moved to the United States, where he volunteered for the LA Film Festival and worked as a video editor for Brooklyn Free Speech and Manhattan Neighborhood Network. Beyond editing, professional writing credits include THE COWARD, a 60-minute narrative film he also edited that premieres at the 2019 New Hope Film Festival in July. 


He is currently an Editing Fellow at the American Film Institute Conservatory. This summer, you can find him at Immortal Cinema International in Burbank, California.

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